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Le Château


Le Château is an installation under construction by Various Artists, a group of 24 fictitious artists mainly from Europe.

In a gallery in Sao Paulo a castle of biscuits is being build from processed food filled with refined sugars and E-additives. The kind of  food that has a long term influence on the health of those who want to or have to eat it. 

Le Château wants to draw attention to our changing food industry and the consequences this has on our health, wealth and politics.
During the set up of the installation, one of the Various Artists, Morice de Lisle is performing a fast. He will not eat during 34 days, drinking only water. This state of abstinence weakens the artist/activist while strengthening his statements. It will also influence and modify the process of installing and the objects being made.

Le Château is a co-production of Various Artists, nadine en Galeria Luisa Strina.

The following people perform as Various Artists: Elke Van Campenhout as Marcella.B; Laura Caroen, Sophie Speck, Elise Broekaert as Christl Coppens; Jesse Cremers as Valereson Da Silva; VA as Morice de Lisle, Lima Drib, Martn Coppens, Martaque, Diederick Dewaere, Marcella.B, Christl Coppens, Valereson Da Silva.

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