Thu 23.04.15
Sat 25.04.15

Convergence Festival - Alotof

CONVERGENCE, the Distributed Alotof Festival 
in Brussels, Praha, Hranice, Saint-Nazaire, and on the road between Bilbao/San Sebastian.

Convergence is a new media festival, where artists literally walk out of the safe settings of room, studio, gallery, interconnecting with what is found outdoors. 

Between 20 and 26 April 2015 the artists around 'A laboratory on the open field' (Alotof) are bringing together two years of experimenting with ecological and mobile arts. 

'Convergence' is a festival happening at several locations and presumably outside, sometimes connected via apps and internet servers - performed, rendered, criticized, played, and enjoyed locally. The festival takes you on a walk to the several places, and introduces you to a full programme here and elsewhere...

More information via the Alotof-Convergence website.