Wed 24.04.19
Sun 5.05.19

ALCHIMIA NOVA by AnneMarie Maes at n0dine


Various Artists & AnneMarie Maes invite you to 'ALCHIMIA NOVA' at the co-run project room n0dine (Rue de Laekensestraat 105, 1000 Brussels).
The exhibition opens on Wednesday 24 April 2019 at 6pm.

Artworks made with living organisms, making the invisible visible.
The work of AnneMarie Maes makes the invisible visible. She creates artworks with a range of biological, digital and traditional media, including bacteria. The choice of materials is a primary aspect of her artworks. The physical and aesthetic features of the materials determine the forms of the individual sculptures, objects or textiles. Her artworks are appealing to touch and smell, but as well they attract the spectator in an aesthetic and visual way.

Kunstwerken ism. levende organismen. Onzichtbare natuurlijke processen worden zichtbaar gemaakt.
AnneMarie Maes maakt in haar werk het onzichtbare zichtbaar. Ze creëert met een scala aan biologische, digitale en traditionele media, waaronder bacteriën en andere micro-organismen. De keuze van materialen is een primair aspect in haar kunst; de fysieke en esthetische aspecten ervan bepalen voor een groot deel de vormen van de individuele sculpturen, objecten of textiel creaties. De werken hebben een hoge tactiele aantrekkingskracht, maar ze bekoren eveneens door hun esthetische facet.

Le travail d'AnneMarie Maes rend l'invisible visible. Elle crée des œuvres avec une gamme de supports biologiques, numériques et traditionnels, y compris des bactéries. Le choix des matériaux est un aspect primordial de ses œuvres. Les caractéristiques physiques et esthétiques des matériaux déterminent les formes des sculptures, objets ou textiles individuels. Ses œuvres font appel au toucher et à l'odorat, mais elles attirent également le spectateur de manière esthétique et visuelle.

"In my practice, the concept of making and producing sculptures and textiles is as a form of research. The (sometimes long term) artistic process happens in layers, by actions of adding and subtracting. The volume of an object and its relationship with nature (micro/macro) are essential elements of my work, the concept of scale is very important. The choice of materials I work with is a primary aspect of my artistic research. I prefer natural and organic components, and I create often in collaboration with living organisms as bees, bacteria and plants. The physical and aesthetic features of the materials I work with determine the forms of the individual modules, sculptures or textiles. The resulting sculptures and textiles are appealing to touch and smell, but as well they attract the viewer in an aesthetic and visual way.", AnneMarie Maes.