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Chapter 2 - About Skipping a Dimension by Christian Hansen

18/11/2018 - 20/01/2019
Chapter 2 - About Skipping a Dimension
Christian Hansen
exhibition at Experimental Intermedia,
Sassekaai 45, 9000 Gent
opening 18/11/2018 16:00-19:00
"I am interested in the precarious distinction between fiction and reality. In my work I use this blurred line as a tool for narration. I aim to expose ways in which the mind negotiates this uncertainty and how it often unintentionally imitates systemic and hierarchical structures as a means to understanding. To mediate this I deploy a variety of materials- such as video and sound for example - or fodder from my archive of observations relating to systems and infrastructures, primarily cities and landscapes.
My performances, videos, and installation pieces seek to trace subtle patterns of movement and minutiae. I look for repeated patterns in different spaces and places, and capture how movements are connected to their surroundings. Most of my pieces, while autonomous in their own right, are precise narratives extracted from a larger inventory of observations; an ongoing documentation of processes and activities."