Thu 23.11.17
Sat 25.11.17

Souper II

TAFEL presents SOUPER II at Tropicana
Inspired by the name Tropicana, homonymous to the famous and wealthy casino/cabaret in Cuba and Las Vegas,
SOUPER II will sing the swansong of the former notorious Brussels bar.
Tropicana will unfold its very own splendour and glory by means of a rich banquet –
a three days lasting process of increase and decrease – 
a show of decay and decadence.
Opening hours
23 November:
12:00 – 19:00: free entrance
19:00 : FIRST COURSE (limited)
24 November:
12:00 – 19:00: free entrance
19:00 : MAIN COURSE (limited)
25 November:
16:00 – 00:00: free entrance
DESSERT and music
Please make reservations via, places are limited !
Participation to the FIRST & MAIN COURSE costs 20 EUR each (drinks incl.), participation to the DESSERT costs 5 EUR.
In collaboration with:
Vrienden van Brussel
Louise te Poele
Cam Fry


TAFEL is a communal table of content where Neri De Meester (fashion designer, raw food chef) and Maud Gyssels (artist) eat, work, write, draw and sew. By using TAFEL, certain subjects and objects get valued, without forgetting the continuous instability and shifting of their meaning and image. TAFEL shows work-in-progress and in-between links and connects the things they love.

nadine supports TAFEL, and will collaborate with TAFEL in 2018.