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Human Mathematics, exhibition in Museo Textil de Oaxaca

The exhibition Human Mathematics shows the results of the eponymous workshop that was organised by Museo Textil and Various Artists in November 2014. 

Various Artists developed the Human Mathematics workshop to share this creation method with other artists, or students. The workshop was led by Marcella.B and Martaque (who are part of the Various Artists collective), and consisted of a more theoretical and informative part (explaining the technique and going deeper into Human Mathematics examples by Various Artists) and a hands-on workshop where the participants were guided to make their own Human Mathematics piece.

Human Mathematics is an alternative artistic drawing methodology that serves to make abstract art using mathematics and data. Formal, factual, or personal information can be infused in design for drawings, textiles, or visual work using a set of rules created by the artist. These subjective rules are influenced by time, space, and the socio-economic context. The innovative aspect of Human Mathematics lies in its ability to render geometrical art human, complex, and unpredictable. It combines the abstract and the divine aspects of mathematics with the variables of data based statistics, integrating artistic or personal research data in a multi-layered visual artwork. This way the predictability of formula based mathematical arts, and the more informative aspects of data graphics, are neutralised into new forms of data visualisation.

Several Mexican artists working in the field of textiles were invited by the Museo Textil de Oaxaca to participate in the workshop in Oaxaca together with five Belgian students from the textile design department of KASK who travelled to Mexico in November 2014. During the production phase that followed, which lasted two months, all participants were invited to apply the Human Math technique to develop new works. The result is an exhibition with a diverse range of works directly or indirectly related to textile design which illustrate this method.