Mon 15.05.17
Mon 15.05.17

Keyholder Dinner #1


Keyholder Dinner #1 with Various Artists

The Keyholders are artists that are closely connected to nadine. nadine supports Keyholders on a long-term basis and offers them customised support for their research or more specific projects.

Keyholder dinners are evenings curated by the Keyholders. People are invited for dinner during which they discuss a theme that is set beforehand. 

Keyholder Dinner #1 was curated by Various Artists. He talked about his project Boucalais and the upcoming workshop with the device Pixelstick.


Boucalais is a three-day walk along the coastline of Northern France. Various Artists has been walking this track for 15 years. Since 2012 they have invited people to join the walk. Since 2013 the walks have been enhanced with a theme that is set beforehand.


Workshop Pixelstick: Various Artists and nadine are organising a workshop on the Pixelstick from 10 to 14 July. The idea is to explore together the artistic opportunities of this device during five days. More information here: