Sun 21.12.14
Sun 21.12.14

BruLesk - Last time Live


For the last event of 2014 - Sunday 21 December - nadine invites :


BruLesk - Last Time Live presenting 

Being Playful IV: Untitled Composition 

live performance with Shelbatra Jashari, Nathalie Lenoir, Sonia Sukama, and Judy Pelczeder, sound by Simon Perez-Ortega 

Hello Shelly 

sculpted zines by Adisak Jirisakassem, and Shelbatra Jashari (ongoing)


Music by DJ Marla J, DJ Pfenning, DJ S, and DJ (21:30)

Becoming LILI #3 - Executive video installation by Helena Dietrich (ongoing)
"Please join us to end the year with BruLesk Last time Live at Plateau. This night we move through walls that lead us to imaginary leftover spaces, interzones, black markets and times of grace... "
The extraordinary BruLesk cabaret is an artistic project that intends to create a contemporary urban cabaret. It is a platform that questions this subculture through cliches and experiments and looks into different concepts and presentation modes exploring the potential of such a cabaret. BruLesk touches the borders of contemporary dance, cabaret and burlesque, brought together in an evening filling show. BruLesk invites dancers, musicians, theoreticians, performance artists, video artists to challenge and reflects upon this mode of co-creation, production and presentation, and invites the audience to come with an open mind and enjoy the show.