Sun 22.12.13
Sun 22.12.13

Brulesk Soirée #3


Brulesk#3 Dolls 

//They are so like Us, frozen in a bald passion Or absent Gaze//

nodine and Shelbatra Jashari cordially invite you to Brulesk Soiree #3 Dolls. 
Experimenting the Soiree format, we transform Plateau into the 1001st night of an oriental dollhouse where the audience is guided through a parcours and discovers the hidden, secret places of the Dollhouse. On their way, the audience encounters different doll-performers and performances, each one with their specific character, innocence, charm and playfulness.

Balloon Boom Boom by Laetitia Denoyette
Underwater by Sarah Cavenaile, Jérôme Porsperger
Traditional Burlesque by Judy Pelczeder
Training/Entrainement by Oumaima Ahrou, Soumeya Sammoudi, Shelbatra Jashari and co

Brulesk team presents oriental taste & candle corners, burlesk library room and more surprises 

video: June Peduzzi

Show: 22/12/2013
Doors: 19:30 Start Show: 20:00
Venue: Plateau, Rue du Berger 30 Herdersstraat, Elsene 1050 Ixelles
Entrance: 5 euro



The extraordinary BruLesk cabaret is an artistic project that intends to create a contemporary urban cabaret. It is a platform that questions this subculture through cliches and experiments and looks into different concepts and presentation modes exploring the potential of such a cabaret. BruLesk touches the borders of contemporary dance, cabaret and burlesque, brought together in an evening filling show. Different evenings over the span of a year, explore subjects as desire, gender and eroticism through peepshow, circus acts, pole dancing, erotic dance, macho dance, ...  and rethinks the notions of cabaret and presentation formats in the contemporary arts and performance landscape. BruLesk invites dancers, musicians, theoreticians, performance artists, video artists to challenge and reflect upon this 'new' mode of co-creation, production and presentation within the contemporary European cultural and economical arts scene, and invites the audience to come with an open mind and enjoy the show.