Sun 28.10.12
Sun 28.10.12

ceci est un magasin de vêtements


ceci est un magasin de vêtements

invites you to

a discussion between and about people and things

Iniy Sanchez
VA (Various Artists)


October 28
14h30 - 17h
Herderstraat 30 rue du Berger
Brussel 1050 Bruxelles

1-2-3-4 and 5

ceci est un magasin de vêtements is a project by five people from different backgrounds:
visual art, fashion, architecture and anthropology. We are running a temporary boutique without clothes in Schaarbeek/ Brussels.
ceci est un magasin de vêtements is an artificial environment. We use it as a place and starting-point for theoretical and practical artistic research into the relation between objects (clothes and buildings for instance) and people as their makers and users.

Think of a hand-knitted pullover, worn by a peasant woman from the Italian Alps each day for work during more than two decades. Or picture a huge residential block built in the 1980ies which houses about 8000 people. Think of a Billy-shelf, a brass nutcracker, an iphone, an orange plastic colander, a boeing 747, or 'that dress' featured 1994 by a british actress on a red-carpet-event, ...
A thing, any thing, can be regarded as a process rather than as a static, finished entity, having a life history or biography of its own. We, as consumers and makers of things are inevitably part of these biographies. As objects undoubtedly are part of our biographies.

We would like to invite you to join our afternoon-discussion with and about people and things. Our aim is to get an insight in practical aspects of dealing with objects or material as processes. We have therefore invited people who are integrating a specific approach to objects and/or material in their work.



In case you are interested in coming, we kindly ask you to confirm beforehand by sending a mail to before october 25th
The entrance is free, but we would like you to bring an object of your choice!
There will be drinks and snacks.


Iniy Sanchez
Iniy Sanchez is working as a freelance fashion designer in Rotterdam. She graduated at Willem de Kooning academie in Rotterdam and before that at the Fashion Institute of Arnhem. She gained experience at Alexander van Slobbe's label Orson + Bodil and followed a course in embroidery t the Lesage school in Paris. Iniy is currently developing a label which is aiming to build a lasting relationship with the customers/ wearers of her clothes.

Founded in 2005, Rotor is a collective of people with a common interest in the material flows in industry and construction. On a practical level, Rotor handles the conception and realization of design and architectural projects. On a theoretical level, Rotor develops critical positions on design, material resources, and waste through research, exhibitions, writings and conferences.

VA (Various Artists)
Various Artists (VA) originated about 17 years ago in the shadow of a former arts lab Plateau in Brussels.
Trudo Engels, co-founder of the association, gradually developed a collective of 24 fictional artists.
Based on the increasingly innovative knowledge and talents, new work is produced during the various projects that each different VA participates in.
Each VA contributes its own characteristics, background and artistic interests.
Fictional or not, these projects are 'played' by real people.
The creator of VA and the artists who participated in the Being an Artist series can perform as in a collective action.
Various Artists must be seen as an autonomous work, where all members work on their own specific research topics and their own artistic practice, which come together in installations or projects with each other.


ceci est un magasin de vêtements:
Sara ten Westenend (art)
Maaike Gottschal (fashion)
Annelies Kuypers (anthropology)
Isabelle Makay (anthropology)
Miriam Rohde (architecture)