Tue 9.12.14
Tue 9.12.14

Dissidency.1: Frontiers - movies by Ronny Trocker


Dissidency.1: Frontiers -  Ronny Trocker's films
Dissidency is a research platform for contemporary arts, a view on unlimited architectural and psychological spaces, physical or virtual. It explores notions of difference, alternative representation and the concept of 'dissident' in contemporary dance, performance, cinema, music, design and architecture. It is a partnership between different artists, initiated by Shelbatra Jashari and Melika Ngombe Kolongo in nadine in June 2014. 

9 December Dissidency presents two films by Ronny Trocker at Plateau.
(Les immaculés/The immaculates, 13min, 2013)
"December 2011, in a town in northern Italy, a young man returns home as he does every evening. He parks his car and discovers his 16-year-old sister in tears in front of their house. 
She tells him that two young Romani guys have brutally raped her. The young man immediately goes in search of the attackers but cannot find them. The neighbourhood organizes a solidarity march in view of the event. The tension begins to rise..."
(56 min, 2012) 
"I grew up as part of the German-speaking minority in the north of Italy. Being part of a minority means first of all being different from the others. To be able to distinguish oneself seemed like matter of survival. From this perspective, our country's history has been told to us over and over again. An almost obsessive look to our own past that left little space for other perspectives.” A trip through South-Tyrol and a personal view on the country, in search of untold stories."