Wed 27.06.12
Wed 27.06.12

Frederique de Montblanc & Madaleine Trigg


Frederique and Madaleine share a common interest in exploring and subverting the resonances of materials and their impact on body and scenography. For their first collaboration, they reflected on spaces that can both constrain movement and offer new performance possibilities.

During their initial residency at Nadine, they designed a series of experiments for each other. Specifically responding to the site of PLATEAU, they composed confined spaces which they filled with familiar yet dislocated objects. In this fabricated domesticity, they explored new interactions between space, body and props. 
Their dramaturgical research focused on cases of environmental disease, cabin fever, the impact of solitary confinement in prisons, artificial gravity, insomnia and the history of monomania in art practice.
On Wednesday 27th of June they would like to share their discoveries with you; guiding you through the material they've collected in these investigations. They will give an informal presentation of this work in progress at 18:30 at PLATEAU.  Frederique and Madaleine will welcome all feedback, thoughts, productive resistances, enthusiasm and silences.