Sat 15.12.12
Sat 15.12.12

A state of stability


A STATE OF STABILITY _David De Buyser  _Gert Aertsen 

Expo | Performance
The last 11 months Gert Aertsen en David De Buyser worked together on their projects in a series of residencies. At NADINE they present their different interests in a collaborate scenography. Their current state of ideas about sound, light and movement linked in a series of events.

_Gert Aertsen
All questions about motion or speed are only complete with an appropriate frame of reference.
Exercising slow at 50.8357°N & 4.3615°E, I find myself in between projects, exploring our perception of time in preparation of a new installation.


_David De Buyser
The F-Box is a modular synthesizer of which the sound is influenced by the growth of mold. Together with Guy De Bièvre, David will do a performance using this instrument.
A graphical score made on the Comacina Island will be both a guide and a disturbing random trigger for changes in the progression of the musical piece.