Sat 10.12.11
Sat 10.12.11

opening might shop


MIGHT SHOP Opening SATURDAY 10.12.2011 from 2pm to 10pm

Might shop is open every afternoon until the 18th of December.

The Might Shop exhibits all that is handmade by the inhabitants of its neighborhood. From type design to traditional knitting, from football banners to handmade clay birdhouses.

We examined during this period of preparation and exhibition the role of commercial / non commercial spaces and the relationship between people and organisations of the neighborhood and what they are creating with a passion.

Many participants - artists, collectives and associations - take part in the event :
Groep Intro, de Kriekelaar, Ultras Maroc Belgique, Radio Voltaire, Open Source Publishing, Hackerspace Brussels, The Wasteland, Iffy Genia...