Fri 25.11.16
Fri 25.11.16

Oracle Workshop

Oracle  Workshop 16:00 - 18:00, 25 november.

Oracle is a body-voice practice. We will conduct a two hour workshop to introduce you to our practice.

After a group vocal warm up there will be a solo assignment followed by collective time based practices throughout spaces in the Nadine house/workshop/building. This is a closed eyes practice.
Within this state of high concentration we are individually confronted with a contradiction to own interiority when trying to embody the sounds of the others.  This state produces a peculiar performativity.  The body appears to be “reading” something intangible.  Over time, the movement score “breaks down”.  A unified physicality appears between us.  Individuality meets the collective.
Can the prophecy that we offer then be read as a social-critical one?
What is this practice as a metaphor for society?
The content of the Oracle practice covers many subjects and vocal registers. Each performance is unique to the participants, moment and context.
Maximum participants: 10
Caroline Daish is an Australian performer living in Brussels. She has been intrigued by the way we listen and what happens to the sense of self when our listening is displaced. For WAB she invites Oracle.
Michel Yang (BE/US), Justine Maxelon (BE/DE) and Caroline Daish (BE/AU) created Oracles Singing Blind Moves in December 2015. Each performer conjures, coaxes and excavates interiority from their unique approach to voice and body. The Oracle project was established as a need to voice, to heal and to collaborate.
Oracle reads different spaces; train stations, parks, institutions, forests, public libraries, urban gardens, waterways and private living spaces.

Oracle is a body-voice performance installation that takes the interior and exteriorizes it vocally. The invisible becomes concrete, not through sight but through sound. We resign ourselves from sight to access another form of self, to heighten listening, and to investigate duality within and between ourselves and the spectator. Rather than focusing on composition or singing from a musical practice Oracle explores inner sensations coming from a body practice. Voices meet in (dis)harmony. Our physicality embodies the situation bridging (dis)harmony to the visual. The vocal architecture, blind interaction, and movement score create a space.

Oracle is an uncanny embodiment of the moment.
How does one read the moment as an abstruse prophecy?
In what way is vocalizing interiority a reading of the future moment? 

The spectator receives the reading as a visual perspective, sonic experience, and spatial-social relation – an alternative space surfaces, a reading with thoughts, character and history of its own, revealing a prophesy embedded in vocal sounds.
The Oracle practice aims to sustain individuality within the collective moment. As the word suggests, Oracle has an attention to ‘togetherness’ and individual agency.

Saturday 26 November at 19:00 Oracle will be performed by Michel Yang (BE/US), Justine Maxelon (BE/DE) and Caroline Daish (BE/AU) during the final event of WAB.