Thu 24.11.16
Sat 26.11.16

WAB Final Event


Final Event WAB

Thursday 24/11 

19:00-21:00 short presentations by

Bruno De Wachter, Circling Around (without taking off)

Helena Dietrich, Elastic Habitat (introduction)

Various Artists, Saudade de Europa

Pierre-Philippe Hofmann, Portrait of a Landscape #1: unrandomized

hans Andreas R., p a s s a g e n

Mathieu Léger, The Distance Between Us

Caroline Daish, Oracle (introduction)

Bxl.Wildlife, Bxl.Wildlife Festival 2016

Silvia Pereira, O m2  [omniadversus momentum 2]

21:00 mobile snacks + bar


Friday 25/11

14:00-18:00 ongoing expo

with installations by Bruno De Wachter, Various Artists, Pierre-Philippe Hofmann, hans Andreas R., Mathieu Leger, Silvia Pereira

16:00-18:00 workshop

Caroline Daish, Oracle Workshop

19:00-22:00 discussion (by invitation only)

Pacôme Béru and nadine, Buratinas Captains


Saturday 26/11

14:00- ongoing expo

with installations by Various Artists, Pierre-Philippe Hofmann, hans Andreas R., Mathieu Leger, Silvia Pereira

16:00-18:00 under the skin of the speculative body

Helena Dietrich, Elastic Habitat (work in progress)

18:00-19:00 lecture performance

Filip Van Dingenen, NFUMU NGUI; Totem in Anthropocene

19:00 performance

Caroline Daish, Michel Yang, and Justine Maxelon, Oracle

20:00 mobile snacks + party

Bruno De Wachter (BE), Circling around (without taking off)

Circling Around (without taking off) is a series of group walks around international airports, following a set of rules that lead the experience. The focus is on the surroundings and not on the airport itself. It is an attempt – which is bound to fail – to be local. To write a story in the landscape; or to let the landscape write a story in the group. The final result is a map manufactured by hand on which traces of this story can be found, along with real place names.
Bruno De Wachter’s walking and writing projects reveal a special interest in the tension between the global and the local, and in the interrelations between the human body, language and landscape. He published essays, translations and prose in literature magazines.

Bxl.Wildlife (BE) – Bxl.Wildlife Festival

Bxl.Wildlife is an experimental research project that considers the city as the natural environment for humankind and looks at the relation between this environment and its inhabitant. The framework for this research is a festival in wherefore Brussels becomes a ‘National Park’.
The Bxl.Wildlife service team consists of Francesca Chiacchio, Denis Adnet, Arnaud Kinnaer and Vincent P. Alexis.

Caroline Daish (AS/BE)

Caroline Daish is an Australian performer living in Brussels. She has been intrigued by the way we listen and what happens to the sense of self when our listening is displaced. For WAB she invites Oracle.
Michel Yang (BE/US), Justine Maxelon (BE/DE) and Caroline Daish (BE/AU) created Oracles Singing Blind Moves in December 2015. Each performer conjures, coaxes and excavates interiority from their unique approach to voice and body. The Oracle project was established as a need to voice, to heal and to collaborate.
Oracle reads different spaces; train stations, parks, institutions, forests, public libraries, urban gardens, waterways and private living spaces.

The spectator receives the reading as a visual perspective, sonic experience, and spatial-social relation – an alternative space surfaces, a reading with thoughts, character and history of its own, revealing a prophesy embedded in vocal sounds.
The Oracle practice aims to sustain individuality within the collective moment. As the word suggests, Oracle has an attention to ‘togetherness’ and individual agency.

Caroline Daish is an Australian performer living in Brussels. She has been intrigued by the way we listen and what happens to the sense of self when our listening is displaced.

hans Andreas R. (BE) – p a s s a g e n

passagen should be considered
               has to be considered
               is to be considered 

as a scenography where 
idea, time and place,
cross, collide and merge.

they are redivided in the space
where the scenography is placed,
from within, between and outward.

hans Andreas R. is a visual artist, utterly curious about the notion and mechanics of arts, finding joy in deconstructing and rearranging them once again, while trying to make sense out of it. This process results in what can be referred to as a théatron, the Ancient Greek ancestor of the word theatre, meaning as much as “a place to see”. In this théatron a dramaturgy or scenography is in play in which the spectator is invited to come and see.

Helena Dietrich (DE/BE) – Elastic Habitat

Both in her artistic and in her design approach, Helena Dietrich is interested in the analyzation of the impact of visual information on identity and culture. In her artistic work she lays out the significance of the symbolism that is embedded in aesthetics (and by extension our identity).

For WAB, Helena Dietrich collaborates with Janneke Raaphorst for the production of objects/’bodies’ that are based on one-on-one sessions with audience. In these sessions Dietrich searched for a way to materialise internal and external body-dynamics through fabric. The materialisations result in objects that are a new environment, an elastic habitat.

Mathieu Léger (CAN) - The Distance Between Us

Mathieu Léger’s The Distance Between Us is a project that investigates the physicality and nature of exploration through walking to random preselected coordinates. This project is an experimental walking project using maps as material to alter itineraries and reflect on how we engage with space in both real and abstract ways. The true distance between us is not only spatial and temporal but also emotional.
Mathieu Léger’s artistic practice investigates everything; he is curious about notions of the body within systems, conceptually and physically, and how art is also a scientific process.

The artist would like to acknowledge the support of artsnb (The New Brunswick Arts Board), the Sheila Hugh MacKay Foundation, the Canada Council for the Arts, and Wandering Arts Biennial / Nadine.
L'artiste désire remercier artsnb (Conseil des arts du Nouveau-Brunswick), Fondation Sheila Hugh MacKayConseil des arts du Canada et Wandering Arts Biennial / Nadine pour leur appui.

Pacôme Béru (FR/BE) – Buratinas Captains

Buratinas Captains is a short-term residency project, where artists are invited to learn how to drive Buratinas, a small solar powered boat. Once they get used to it, they follow their own way on the Belgian waterways for a week, working and wandering into this specific landscape.
The next team will then pick up the boat where it has been parked, and pursue the exploration.
Captains residents in 2016 were among others, Alberto Garcia del Castillo, Steev Lemercier, Steven Jouwersma, Frederic Becker, Antoine Meyer, Pierre Huyghebaert, Pierre Marchand, Sophie Boiron.

With an artistic focus on the trans-disciplinary and on collaboration, Pacôme Béru leads a singular research on the modes of exploration and the representation of territories and landscapes in a wide sense.

Pierre-Philippe Hofmann (BE/CH) - Portrait of a Landscape #1: unrandomized

Portrait of a Landscape is a documentary walk through Switzerland. Inspired on a previous project he developed in Belgium, Lieux Communs - Gemeenplaatsen, Hofmann chose to walk through the country from one side to another, all year long, on 10 straight lines (2700km), all of them leading to the centre of the country, Älggi Alp. This working method prevented him from projecting too much of his own expectations onto the landscape and to put on an equal level parking areas, private housing, panoramic views, industrial sites... All altitudes, all weather conditions, all kind of typologies are blended in the
same corpus of images. Every view is a one-minute-long video, filmed in a static shot, collected along the daily walks.
Hofmann’s artistic practice consists of performance and photography and is determined by a strong link to the landscape and a fascination with slow processes.

O m2 [omniadversus momentum 2]

Omniadversus Self-actualising the Subject is a rhizosphere-like platform, a base to explore processes of subjectivation as immanent performance. It consists in launching several personae, or immersive heteronyms, that develop distinct lines of investigation resulting in individual bodies of work, by practicing deterritorialization and evolving through becoming-other.

"Om2 is an introduction to the paths that have been drawn, wandering as a fleeing for research."

Various Artists (BRU) - Saudade de Europa

Saudade de Europa is a project by the Brussels based arts collective Various Artists. While traveling from Brussels to Helsinki via public transport Various Artists collected artefacts and stories from local merchants. The project highlights the importance of empathic trade as opposed to apathetic consumerism and proposes a strategy for change in a poetic manner by raising awareness and starting a dialogue about our current economic system that seems to be reaching a dead end. WAB: Saudade de Europa was presented at Pixelache Festival in Helsinki in September, in Jyväskylä in October, and in Rovaniemi in November.
During the final event of WAB Saudade de Europa will present this first chapter made in Finland.

Various Artists is a Brussels based arts collective with 24 members.

Filip Van Dingenen
"NFUMU NGUI; Totem in the Anthropocene” is a series of lecture-performances by Filip Van Dingenen in which he investigates and questions forms of display in zoological collections and archives of natural history. In the performance Van Dingenen uses a variety of props to narrate the different ways in which display affects the presentation, representation, or experience of nature. 
"NFUMU NGUI; Totem in the Anthropocene” is an ongoing research project (2006-…)