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A laboratory is a facility that provides conditions in which research, experiments, and measurement may be performed. There exist many different forms of laboratories from scientific to computer to clandestine labs, etc. So what can an ecological media art lab be? And what does it have to offer? In recent years many organizations are using the lemma "lab" to emphasize their experimental and research-oriented character. A lab in our sense should be a diverse set of facilities, distributed across the partner locations but connected. An experiment to share culture and art with the surroundings and environment in a more consistent and sustainable way. To make a different art, an art that is related to the environment in which we live/work. As a model ALOTOF could develop into a string of places that mutually are getting affected by new insights, new works, new artists. But more than a mere perturbation of information. A new mode of creating.


ALOTOF [A Laboratory On The Open Fields] is a new collaborative and longer-term project by 4 partners OKNO (be), ECOS (fr), Yo-Yo (cz) and nadine (be) and a lot of associated partners throughout Europe. The basic idea is to organize a dynamical outdoor laboratory where all creative activities can take place in.

We start from the garden or field, and move on with our media technology and artistic tools, to look into new ways of perceiving and making art, outside, as an experiment in durability. The necessity of finding new materials and methods to work with, new effectuators and outcomes to emerge.

Twice we work throughout the 4 seasons, marked by changes in the weather, the differences in climate and how all plants and animals, insects and bacterias make up the consortium of actors that define our surroundings.

ALOTOF deploys its 5 key approaches to getting its hands dirty with nature and build an unique connected and distributed lab, shared by all participants: constructions, measurements, patterns, learnings and wanderings, performances.