Wed 1.05.13
Thu 1.08.13

Open Call : Default #1


nadine and Foamlab are composing an expedition team for Default#1

Default is a journey of discovery for pioneers driven by sun, wind, and muscles to develop a new culture of traveling and nomadic technologies. Artists, designers, technologists and collectors are working whilst traveling by bike through Europe along a straight line from Ireland to Spain and Portugal in August and September 2013.
Default is the straight line that derives from a fold in the map of Europe. It provides guidance, a well-defined area within which new ideas, creations, research and inspirations may arise in relation to the landscape and local culture. is a line which enables the expedition members to wander along a specific defined geographical area, straight wandering. Each team member is basically self-sufficient in terms of research, tools and energy; Default is off-grid. After the trip nadine and Foamlab will organise two exhibitions, one in Brussels and one in Amsterdam, presenting the specific format of Default, artistic research of the artists and the work that was created during the project.