Sat 10.09.16
Sun 11.09.16

WAB: Bruno De Wachter at Still Walking Festival


Circling Around (without taking off) will participate at the Still Walking Festival in Birmingham (10-25 September). Bruno De Wachter will walk around Birmingham International Airport on 10 September 2016.

"Airports are very similar all the world over. Regional differences are reduced to the souvenirs that you can buy in the gift shop. For this reason, you could say that the airport cuts a hole in the local landscape. That is why it is often represented as a hatched surface on the map. A hole that is not, like a rabbit hole, leading down into a bottomless black, but one that is leading up, into an infinite blue. In order to describe a hole, you have to circumscribe it.

I walk around international airports and invite people to join me. We will not walk directly around the fence, but along roads and paths that are close to the airport. We will follow a set of rules that will help us to stay local. After the walk, we will meet again with all the participants to create a story and a map of our explorations"