Mon 16.09.13
Wed 30.10.13

Residency Daniela Porras and Luis Canseco



Daniela Porras and Luis Canseco, two visual artists based in Oaxaca, Mexico emerged into the experience of Europe, exploring the Brussels at FoAM and nadine.

Along with little Dante, Daniela and Luis came to Brussels for an artistic residency focused on the cultural exchange they experienced. 

Both Daniela and Luis had actively participated and exhibited at the Fiesta del Maiz y Maguey in Oaxaca in November 2012. As family in residence they now explore the cultural impact of the meeting of two continents – Europe and the Americas – nowhere more pronounced than in the contrast between the cities of Oaxaca and Brussels, despite the ongoing process of globalisation.

Taking the metaphor of a bridge between Mexico and Europe as a starting point, they aim to link the two high points of their experience in EITC – working in Oaxaca and working in Europe – as inspiration for artworks and site-specific installations with materials that come to hand during their stay in Brussels. 

Since the shop residency space of nadine was no longer supported by the Flemisch Government in 2013, they worked in the studios of FoAM and nadine. The works they produced in Brussels were presented during the Fiesta del EITC: The Homecoming.