Sun 14.07.19
Wed 17.07.19

La Médiathèque NGHE on Buratinas Tour de Belgique

Buratinas is a small solar-powered boat that functions as a short-term residency space. This summer Buratinas will be on 'Tour de Beljik #4' with Buratinas Captains exploring Belgian waterways.

 The NGHE Médiathèque thinks of music as political force capable of cultural hybridation and border crossing.Regularly we organize live events and concerts, always keeping in mind that the context in which the music is created, the bands invited, the particular acoustic of an unconventional venue and the audience it will reach matter a great deal to keep this force alive and powerful.On the Buratinas boat, NGHE will be nomadic, sailing along the canals and broadcasting parts of its cassette tapes collection, improvised music and accapella chants. The boat will dock from time to time, inviting people in and creating spontaneous sonic events. Drawings, texts and recordings will be made in order to capture these moments and create a new cassette for the collection. 

Sunday 14.07 to Wednesday 17.07, the NGHE library is open. It will happen on the rivers and canals between Leuven and Brussels. You can join us by bike. Send an sms at 0488 61 35 62 to know the exact location. 

Wednesday evening, we plan to organize a last event in a secret place in Brussels. Check our facebook nghemediatheque for more informations.