Tue 9.07.19
Wed 10.07.19

Marialena Marouda on Buratinas

[From 3 to 4 July Marialena Marouda will be in residency on Buratinas. This trip will be the start of the third Tour de Belgique.]
As an additional tool of investigation Marialena Marouda invites a group of artist-researchers to float on water. 
By exchanging the usual surface of artistic practice - soil - for water, she would like to explore how fluidity and it’s set of conditions can leak into those practices - or even flood them? What does it mean to understand water as a collaborator? 
Asking these questions, Marialena invites the artists to spend at least 24h on nadine’s collectively owned and solar-powered boat, Buratinas, and start, on the 3rd and 4th of July, its yearly “Tour de Belgique”. They will take the boat from where it was left by its previous captains and sail it to where the waters will guide them. The next captains will float from there.
photo by Rasa Alksnyte