Sat 1.09.12
Sun 30.09.12

Are you allergic to the 20th century?


Frederique and Madaleine’s initial residency at Nadine consisted of a practical exploration of their research; which has gravitated towards solitary confinement in prisons, environmental disease, cabin fever, insomnia and the tension between domestic and artistic routines. They designed confined spaces for each other which they filled with familiar yet dislocated props. These surreal domestic settings created novel living spaces in which the body was faced with new constraints and the mind with a fresh set of rules. Inhabiting the cupboard under a sink or the awkward square centimeters around a toilet became an exercise in preparing for the apocalyptic future. Indeed, as world population growth accelerates, we must train ourselves to function in increasingly small spaces.

For this second residency, composer Loup Mormont has been invited to extend these experimentations through sound. By adding environmental soundscapes, Loup will be investigating how to sonically re-shape space and analyze its effects on the physical and emotional behaviour of the performers. Madaleine and Frederique will also be confining Loup's sonic langage through various prompts and surprise impositions. This begs the question whether we are autonomous or just a product of our environment: How much of our self can we retain in such circumstances?