Sat 2.07.11
Sat 2.07.11

Death of the Pole Dancer

Eisa Jocson & Daniel Kok at Plateau
Eisa Jocson & Daniel Kok at Plateau

She strikes the Pole in her killer stilettos.
She shakes, she undulates a libidinal mechanic column.
“I just don’t know what to do with myself”.
"Death of the Pole Dancer" works with spectator’s expectations, encouraging them to reflect on their concept of a pole dance performance and on what they are viewing. In her performance, sexuality and strength, voyeurism and restraint, and vulnerability and violation all collide. 
"Death of the Pole Dancer" was developed during Jocson’s 2 month residency at Nadine. The solo work premiered at In Transit 2011 performance festival in Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin. During In Transit, Love your City, a pole dance duet with Singaporean artist Daniel Kok also premiered. Both performances were commissioned by In Transit 2011 and developed during Jocson’s residency at Nadine. 

My deepest appreciation to Rasa Alksnyte for her close mentorship all throughout, to Nadine for the artist residency and generous support, to In Transit 2011 for commissioning the works and to Daniel Kok, Tang Fu Kuen, Arco Renz and Angelo Vermeulen."

Eisa Jocson, 2011, Residency at nadine from May until 2 July.

Eisa Jocson (*1986) is a pole dancer and visual artist from the Philippines. Her solo artistic work merges both backgrounds, as did her collaboration with the choreographer Rasa Alksnyte and the trans-cultural project “Monsoon”, initiated by Arco Renz. The same goes for her performance “Stainless Borders: The Deconstruction of Architectures of Control”, which she has presented at several events, including the 2010 Festival Coup de Ville in Belgium. It combines guerilla street pole dancing with graffiti tags to demonstrate the body’s potential in an urban space. Eisa Jocson, who also works as associate director at Pole Academy Philippines, lives in Manila and Brussels.

Love your City - In Transit 2011

In May and June Eisa Jocson is in residence at Plateau - nadine. During her stay she works on pole dance performances. Together with pole dance artist Daniel Kok she will perform her work this weekend at the In Transit Festival in Berlin. At the end of her residency she will also perform in Plateau.
Program In Transit Festival 2011
Love Your City
In Transit Performing Arts Festival 2011
House of World Cultures, Berlin
19th June 0030hrs

A Pole Dance Encounter between Daniel Kok (Singapore) and Eisa Jocson (Manila) in Berlin.
An artistic collaboration in the service of love. In their first artistic encounter, Eisa Jocson and Daniel Kok become agents of desire: “If anyone asks us: ‘Why do you do this?’, our answer is: ‘We simply want to portray our love in a practical manner. That is all - simple acts of unconditional devotion’
Love your City is developed as part of Eisa Jocson’s artistic research residency at nadine in Brussels and as a part of Daniel Kok’s research for his Master of Arts in “Solo/Dance/Authorship” at the Universität der Künste. Love your City is produced by In Transit 2011.
Daniel Kok (*1976) won a scholarship from the Public Service Commission Singapore to study Fine Art & Critical Theory at Goldsmiths College in London and choreography at the Laban Centre. Today, the young artist lives in Berlin, where he is doing his Master of Arts in “Solo/Dance/Authorship” at the Universität der Künste. He developed his show, “Q&A”, in 2009 for the Singapore Arts Festival. His other works have been shown in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Yogyakarta and Edinburgh. In 2008, he won the Young Artist Award (Dance), presented by the National Arts Council Singapore.
Performing Arts Festival
In Transit 2011
15.06.2011 - 18.06.2011

True to its title, “Spectator”, IN TRANSIT 2011 turns the Haus der Kulturen der Welt into an experimental field in which artists and spectators can be actors and audience at the same time.
Under the stewardship of the new artistic director, Jens Hillje, the festival presents performances which playfully question their own relationship with the spectator. IN TRANSIT 2011 examines the politics of speech and the politics of gaze – the two sides of communication in society. How should we speak? Who may say what to whom? What expressions do people make in what circumstances? These discussions can lead to a power of definition in public. At the same time, they also reveal how fragile identities and attributions can be – and how entertaining it can be to play with them.
With Branch Nebula (Sydney), Bulut/Gabia/Baroncea (Berlin/Belgrade/Bucharest), Ivo Dimchev (Sofia), Geumhyung Jeong (Seoul), Ruud Gielens (Brussels), Eisa Jocson (Manila), Daniel Kok (Berlin), Angélica Liddell (Madrid), Yann Marussich (Geneva), Song-Ming Ang (Singapore), Dave St. Pierre (Montreal), Dick Wong (Hongkong), Ming Wong (Singapore/Berlin), Ann Liv Young (New York).