Thu 21.07.16
Sun 24.07.16

WAB: Elastic Habitat @ morpho


"The process the artists Helena Dietrich and Janneke Raaphorst invite to you to be part of, is a journey between internal and external dynamics of the body. They create an environment where one can dive into an investigation of the body in relation to materials from their pure materiality to what they can produce in the body in terms of symbolic awakening. These environments are settings where one gets driven by a sensibilization of the body as an invitation to create new narratives of the self and new ways to subjectify reality."


Helena Dietrich is one of the participating artists in WAB 2016. In July 2016 Helena and designer Janneke Raaphorst work at Morhpo to create shapes/objects that derive from the one-on-one sessions she organised with her public.