Sun 14.10.12
Tue 16.10.12

Mobile Growing Units Lab


Mobile Growing Units (MGU) - DESIGN LAB 14-16 October

Wastl & Co-Wastl
Wastl is a Brussels experimental urban garden where nadine offers artistic, and technological residencies. Last year we've exprimented with alternative growing units.
Co-Wastl wants to initiate hands-on labs about urban (compact area) gardening together with the partners fromt the EITC project that brings together artistic organisations in Oaxaca - Mexico, Stockholm - Sweden and Brussels. 
EITC & Mobile Growing Units
The local inhabitants of Oaxaca and Zegache will be invited to participate on developing Mobile Growing Units (Micro Greenhouses) connected with intelligent monitoring, and irrigation systems in November 2012. 
Two technologists will be joining nadine to travel to Oaxaca to work on developing a prototype of the MGU, and exchanging know-how with local technologists. 
During this workshop in Brussels we'd like to focus on the design and the technological part of possible MGU. We invited different people with various backgrounds (designers, technologists, artists) to take part in the lab.