Mon 14.10.13
Fri 18.10.13

Brulesk #2, Workshop chinese martial art in contemporary dance


The Ring // I put a spell to free my desires //

From 14 until 18 October nodine and Shelbatra Jashari organize a workshop into chinese martial art and philosophy in contemporary dance led by the Serbian choreographer Elena Lin within the framework of Brulesk, an initiative to bring contemporary dance, burlesque and cabaret together in the urban context of Brussels performance arts while rethinking these different spaces and styles. 
On October 20 the second BruLesk Soirée takes place publicly showcasing the results and research of the Martial Arts workshop during an evening filling show, starring the participants of the workshop.
Performer, choreographer and educator Elena Lin, creator of  the house of five elements technique, will introduce the basic principles of chinese martial arts as an essential element in contemporary dance education.
"In my work the elements of wood, water, metal, fire and air are the essentials. They are the leaders of the rythm of the breath and the movement quality. During the workshop in the dance combinations and improvisation material we are going to explore specific movement vocabulary of  wushu - modern kung fu  which  incorporates the animal forms: snake, monkey, praing mentis... and wudang kung fu which incorporates qi gong, tai qi, bagua zang..." 
During the workshop we are focusing on individual, group and partner work.
There are still a couple of places available for the Martial Arts workshop.
If you would like to participate please send a motivated mail with your CV to
Participation terms
Fee: 100 euro, meal included
The extraordinary BruLesk cabaret is an artistic project that intends to create a contemporary urban cabaret. It is a platform that questions this subculture through cliches and experiments and looks into different concepts and presentation modes exploring the potential of such a cabaret. BruLesk touches the borders of contemporary dance, cabaret and burlesque, brought together in an evening filling show. Six evenings over six months explore subjects as desire, gender and eroticism through peepshow, circus acts, pole dancing, erotic dance, macho dance, ...  and rethinks the notions of cabaret and presentation formats in the contemporary arts and performance landscape. BruLesk invites dancers, musicians, theoreticians, performance artists, video artists to challenge and reflect upon this 'new' mode of co-creation, production and presentation within the contemporary European cultural and economical arts scene, and invites the audience to come with an open mind and enjoy the show.