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SoundLab Sproutland


For two weeks in April 2011 Dianne Weller & Nicky Miller will share a residency together during a period of two months. During the month of April we would like to host a sound lab and invite you to be part of it.
The aim of the Lab is to create a platform which proposes an examination of sound in it's various forms. In this project we would like to delve into critical discussions on sound in it's varying usages and it's strategies and working methodolgies in the context of sound-art.
This extended discussion and working practice will reinforce the potential of the spatial and communicative properties of sound as a tool and means of practice. Your individual means and approaches as aritsts will be the foundation of this lab to share, inform and develop your own projects during the lab, whereby we would like to create an atmosphere of potentiality for collaboration with the other participants involved. This lab is set up as a place of open learning, collaboration and exchange.

Some ideas to begin the discussion could be :
-What does sound mean to yo?
-How do you use sound?
-What are the qualities of it?
-Do you have a certain working methodology with sound and it's usuage?
-How are sound and specialization linked together?
-How does it effect the audience, in ways and means?

During this two week period we are proposing to develop theoretical questions but also practical ones with the participants of the lab. Everyone will be in a context of self organisation and organic movement. Which means that you can freely make some proposals to discuss or of practice. Also on participation level the period of the lab will be for 2 weeks, each participant could join in and leave whenever his timetable could or would allow. Or when you would like to be involved (considering the scheduling).

The scheduling will be organised once we have some feedback from you as to your ideas, links, focuses that you find appropriate for this lab. We shall prepare the content apprproiately for those involved.